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11 Apr 2014: Heartbleed bug
You have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug ( that can be used to steal supposedly secured information through exploiting a vulnerability of OpenSSL certificates. It is important to note that this security hole was available only on websites that used our shared SSL certificates. The websites using RapidSSL or SSL certificates from GeoTrust were not affected. On few of our servers we were using the exploitable version of OpenSSL and as soon as a security patch was released by OpenSSL, we have installed it and re-issued all existing certificates. What this means is that all your websites and the details you submit over the shared SSL certificates are once again secure. We want to thank you for choosing our sevices! more>>
We are proud to announce that our in-house custom product Zacky App Installer has been launched in the VPS hosting Easy Control Panel. In a nutshell all VPS clients that have Debian OS and our custom in-house Control Panel installed now can use Zacky Installer. more>>
A new feature of the new Hosting Control Panel has been launched. In the FTP Manager section our dedicated in-house developers have released configuration files for easier FTP connection without having to struggle which are the correct FTP details to establish a FTP connection. more>>
We are proud to announce the launch of a new version of our Control Panel. With our new version we aim to simplify the user interface, functionality and a better client experience. All new clients starting August 31st, 2012 are directly introduced to the new version of the Control Panel, while the already existing ones are having the option to login in the new or the standard old panel. more>>
So far we only offered shared hosting and VPS. While the first was suitable for sites with low to middle volumes of traffic and modest overall load, VPS (despite being flexible) are quite sophisticated for a lot of users. So there was a missing link between the two types of hosting. more>>
We are proud to announce improved signup functionality for our clients. Till this moment when you signed for one of our hosting plans the system would generate a random password and send it to your e-mail address. Users tend to dislike random passwords since they are very often hard to remember. No longer will you have such problems as you will be able to sign up with your own password now. We have added the option for you to use your e-mail address as well as your Client ID in order to login to the system. more>>
It was about time to launch our Hosting Affiliate Program...., today it is a fact. more>>
Cloud Computing is the New Internet way! Why pay for servers that you do not use or they are too weak to support your online success at peak loads? Our ONE-CLICK Virtual Datacenter tool (V-NOC) is the answer. more>>
New software versions have been released in the Zacky Tools Installer. The lists includes 30 updated applications and a new software added to the automatic script installer. more>>
We have added support for MySQL 5.1. Paid users can now create databases on the new database server and use the latest version of MySQL. more>>
Virtual Private Servers also called VPS Hosting is now available on our hosting. VPS is partitioning a physical server into multiple Virtual Servers having the appearance and capacity of a dedicated server. Each Virtual Server runs independent from the others on the physical machine. Also VPS has its own OS, and each server can be independently rebooted. more>>
We have enabled for our web hosting plans additional 3 and 6 months billing options. Each new customer can choose for how long to purchase the hosting package he/she is interested in. more>>
21 Nov 2008: PHP Version Upgrades
We have launched for all of our paid clients the option to switch between PHP 4.4.4 / PHP 5.2.5 / PHP 6.0 with just a Click of the mouse. more>>
We are pleased to announce that we now offer SSL Certificates for all clients that need to have encrypted data transfer on their web site. more>>
We are happy to announce the launch of our ultimate Postgres Platform for all paid hosting accounts. more>>
We have successfully finished the system update of the new functionalities and all innovations are launched. With this new innovations our hosting service is going to a new level. Read more about the improvements here. more>>
February 27 - 28 we are performing system update and new functionalities launch. Therefor part of the hosting accounts access as well as the signup process might be not functional. More news on this coming soon... more>>
Recent modifications and improvements of our hosting platform helped us introduce new ordering tools, so you can purchase sets of services quickly, easily and securely. more>>
Great news! We are announcing that our development team has successfully finished the long-awaited Domain Control Panel. All existing clients along with all new customers that have domain services will experience the advantage to manage their domains via the Domain Control Panel. more>>
We are proud to announce that as of today the Hosting Platform is ready to use the capacity of a brand new Hard Drive Array storage. more>>
Our Datacenter and Network connectivity provider LambdaNet Communications Germany AG has now been awarded the globally acknowledged standard for information management security, documented by the IT certificate ISO 27001 which was presented by the German TÜV SÜD on November 06th, 2007. more>>
Dear Valued Customers, We would like to announce that we have performed a major Web Hosting Cluster NFS upgrade successfully. During the upgrade, there was no downtime and all sites continued to be served online normally. more>>
Customer can now register / transfer easily domains from inside their web hosting control panel. more>>
Secure PayPal payments are now available! more>>
We are proud to announce that the new SSL encrypted secure payment process in now live online! more>>
Two Web Hosting Clusters are now in Production! more>>
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